5 foods to try in Cancun


Quintana Roo the state that Cancun is located in and Cancun itself are less than 50 years old. Before 1974 the area of Quintana Roo was part of Yucatan state and so Cancun’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbours. The roots and language of Yucatecan cooking date back to the Mayans who inhabited this part of the world many centuries ago. Below are five delicious foods that are typical of our region and can be found in our hotels and their surrounding areas.

Sopa de lima

A staple of any self-respecting Yucatecan restaurant, sopa de lima (translated as lime soup though it uses a local citrus fruit similar to a lime that has a less acidic flavour) is the ideal first dish to try if you are new to the region’s cuisine, perfect as a starter before you delve into the other foods on this list. Apart from lime, the other key ingredients of this soup are tomato, onion and shredded chicken. Fried strips of corn tortilla are added to the soup giving it a crunchy twist. When done well you won’t want the bowl to end!

Tikin xic

Tikin xic is a fish dish prepared with achiote paste, a blend of cumin, pepper, cloves and the orangey-red seeds of the annatto tree. Typically a local fish is used like red snapper or grouper, the fish is then marinated in the achiote paste and traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an underground oven known as a pibil. Once cooked the fish is normally garnished with fried onion and served with rice.

Cochinita pibil

Cochinita pibil is a slow cooked pork dish that like tikin xic uses achiote and is traditionally cooked in banana leaves underground. The pork is marinated in the achiote paste and bitter orange juice for several hours which helps soften the meat. Once cooked, the tender meat is pulled and typically eaten as a taco or sandwich filling topped with pickled red onion. A variety of this dish is pollo pibil, where chicken is used instead of pork.


 A tamal is a snack made of corn dough with a savoury or sweet filling. The tamal is wrapped in either corn husks or banana leaves and then steamed in a large pot. Popular fillings include chicken, pork and chaya, a green vegetable similar to spinach native to the Yucatan Peninsula. Many enjoy their tamal covered in red or green spicy sauce or mole poblano, a sauce that includes chocolate amongst its many ingredients. The food is a popular choice at large celebrations such as Independence Day, the Day of the Dead and Christmas.


A marquesita is a savoury dessert that consists of a rolled, hardened waffle filled with grated edam cheese (known locally as queso de bola). The story behind this dessert begins in Merida, the capital of Yucatan state, where an ice cream seller low on winter sales devised this alternative filling to great success. The name is said to derive from two regular clients that were daughters of a marquis. Popular additional ingredients include Nutella, cajeta (caramel made of goats milk) and lechera (sweet condensed milk) creating a sweet and savoury combination. Several marquesita vendors can be found in Parque las Palapas in Cancun city centre as well as in squares, parks and street corners throughout the Yucatan peninsula.

We hope you try at least one of these five delightful foods during your stay with us; we are sure you won’t regret it!

Let us know in the comments section below what your favourite food was when you stayed with us…


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Temazcal, a pre-Hispanic treatment for mind, body and soul


Temazcal (TEMAZCALLI; word of Nahuatl origin: ‘TEMAZ’ means steam and ‘CALLI’ means house) is a sauna treatment of pre-Hispanic origin which has gained popularity in recent years for its numerable health benefits. It is a physical, mental and spiritual experience where the powers of recovery and transformation have a very positive effect on the user.


In ancient times, Mayan and Aztec civilizations would use the temazcal as a cure to their ills and as prayer space where rituals and ceremonial elements were carried out. In this treatment the five senses and contact with nature play an important role in conjunction with sounds and meditations that help reactivate natural creativity and free emotions, increasing spirituality, and in the process assisting renovation, recovery and transformation.



The temazcal steam bath is a symbolic representation of body, soul and mother nature. The treatment takes place in a dome shaped room usually built with bricks, stones or clay with a space in the centre where hot stones are placed. Medicinal herbs are placed over these hot stones creating an aromatherapeutic atmosphere that begins the detoxification process through sweat.

The therapeutic benefits include:

  • Elimination of toxins
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Purification of the digestive system
  • Increased mobility
  • Purification of the respiratory system
  • Skin cleansing


The benefits are also reflected in the mind of the user. Each person is different, some experience a pleasant moment of meditation and reflection, others feel complete emotional and physical relaxation; but above all the main effect of this treatment is a higher sense of inner peace.


Once completed you may wish to refresh by taking a swim, or perhaps move on to another one of our spa treatments, or maybe just simply relax by the sea.


To try out this special pre-Hispanic treatment please contact one of our the spas: Oasishoteles.com/en/spa/sensoria/temazcal


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10 places to visit in Cancun and its surrounding areas

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Cinco de Mayo

Contrary to popular belief by many abroad, cinco de mayo (May 5th) is not Mexico’s day of independence but rather the day commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is 16th September and unlike this day, cinco de mayo is not observed as a national holiday. Stores, offices, and banks are all open, and many people go about their business as usual, with only public schools closing nationwide.  

The battle took place between a powerful and better-equipped French army, who were chasing unpaid debts and looking to expand their empire, against a much smaller Mexican force. General Ignacio Zaragoza’s Mexican troops were able to withstand attacks by General Charles Latrille de Lorencez’s 6,000 strong French force. Close to 500 French soldiers were killed in the battle, while the Mexicans lost fewer than 100 men. The Battle of Puebla came to represent courage and bravery against the odds and became a source of pride.

It is in the city of Puebla where the largest celebrations can be found. A large parade takes place where thousands of locals gather and dress as French and Mexican soldiers to reenact the war. After the Mexican troops win, celebrations begin with music, dancing and food. Mexico City also hosts a big parade with dancing, singing and re-enactments.

Apart from tacos, which is always a popular food at any Mexican celebration, the dish most commonly consumed on this day is Puebla’s own mole poblano; a thick brown sauce made of chilies and other spices and herbs, normally served over chicken or turkey and accompanied by rice.

It is in the United States where Cinco de Mayo is more widely and fervently celebrated, particularly in cities with large Mexican communities like Los Angeles, San Diego and San Antonio where Mexican-Americans have continued this celebration as homage to their roots.

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3 areas in which Oasis Hotels can’t be matched


Oasis Hotels & Resorts has been a leader in tourism in this beautiful holiday destination for over 30 years. Throughout the years the hotel group with the most rooms in Cancun has been an example of innovation, determination and satisfaction for the thousands of guests that visit every year. In the last few decades hotels and their projects have come and gone in this city, converting Cancun into what it is today, the number one tourist destination in Latin America. However, only one of these companies has continued to lead and find new ground in this holiday hotspot, and here we tell you the secret to why Oasis Hotels remains the leader in tourism in this sun-drenched paradise.      

1. Entertainment


If you’re looking for fun, then you can stop looking because no one throws a party or puts on a show like Oasis. Proof of this can be found at the moment in our largest resort the Grand Oasis Cancun with its legendary Spring Break parties. From jazz festivals to nights of boxing, what we don’t know about entertaining is not worth knowing. If you’ve visited us then you know what we’re talking about, no one has fun like Oasis. 

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Krewella @ #OasisDanceU2017

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2. Gastronomy


Another field in which we are unbeatable is in the gastronomic variety we offer in our hotels. As we have mentioned recently in this blog, currently 3 of the top 10 best restaurants in Cancun according to Trip Advisor can be found in our hotels. Oasis boasts over 50 different restaurants in its different hotels and each one operates under the same high standards. So whether you’re trying molecular gastronomy or eating a hamburger, the quality and flavors are sure to delight your taste buds. 

Pizzas en #DosLunas

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The White Box

"The White Box" our showcase gastronomy restaurant#OasisLovesU

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3. Concept

When we say we’re at the forefront of developments in the region we’re not just blowing hot air. Oasis was at the vanguard of flight routes between Spain and Cancun when AeroCancun, a now defunct aviation company was founded over 20 years ago, bringing European tourism to our shores for the first time. We haven’t rested ever since, bringing exciting concepts that not only attract new clientele but satisfy their every need. That’s why each one of our hotels offers something special besides a fantastic Mexican Caribbean getaway. Whether it’s the best in entertainment, a family resort your kids won’t want to leave, a sexy adults-only resort, a sanctuary in Tulum where peace and tranquility reigns, or a boutique hotel and business hotel side by side ideal for city slickers.


Check out this review of our beautiful hotel.#GrandOasisTulum #SianKaan

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Of course, Oasis Hotels & Resorts offer much more than these three things, so come visit us and see for yourself why we continue to lead in Cancun.    

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